Monday, March 5, 2012

A Girl and her Horse

So what was your imaginary horse's name? My daughter's is Carmel. She announced that to me after she read "My Pony" as if she were the author herself. It is a precious story of a young girl who has a dream of having a pony of her own. Her parents, however, stifle her dreams with the usual, "We don't have the money." and "Where would we put it?" The story is timeless, and the illustrations in this story are just as captivating. I love the fact that my girls still pull their favorite "children's books" off the shelf to read for enjoyment. How wonderful is it to savor a book with loved ones.


  1. Thanks for the title. I have a granddaughter who loves unicorns right now. I gave her a factual book on the subject of unicorns. I wonder if she got the part about them being fictional??? I will steer her to this book instead. Reading is wonderful and so are slices. Waiting to hear from your students.

  2. What a great reminder of the importance of a favorite book. :)