Thursday, March 8, 2012

Give me an I.S.T.E.P!

The first part of ISTEP is over.  We all are breathing a sigh of relief.  With all the security measures and warnings and precautions, one would think we had gold in our ISTEP boxes.  I carried mine around with me until I was settled in my room this morning; another teacher actually took hers to the bathroom with her.  With all we make it out to be here at school and all the state believes it is worth, I wonder how it is perceived at home.  Do parents stress the importance of this state test that is supposed to tell us so much about their children?  Do parents heed our suggestions and make sure their children go to bed early?  Do they get up early and make their children breakfast?  Do they wish them good luck as they go out the door?

I would certainly think so.  I would hope so.  Don't they contribute to special meals the night before a big game?  Don't they make sure their children get enough sleep and take their cell phones away the night before a match so that they are not texting all night long?  Parents sit in the stands through rain and snow and wind; they cheer and slap "high 5s" when it is over.  Why would they not do the same for ISTEP?  Of course they would.


  1. I am sure that there are a few parents who are aware of the deemed importance of ISTEP...and those parents encourage their children to take it seriously. Unfortunately, I believe that there are so many parents who only hear and see the negative of the mandated testing. It isn't regarded as "the big game" for their child. It would be nice if education was seen as being as important as sports. It would be nice if educators were as revered as athletes.

    1. And yes, I caught the sarcasm of your words. I wish all parents took school...and standardized tests...seriously for the kids. Yea, team!!