Tuesday, March 6, 2012


I considered writing about ISTEP today; however, I decided to put it off for another day given the fact that a colleague of mine pretty much summed up my general feelings.   Strangely, we do that often.  We'll go out to eat together and order the exact same thing.  We co-taught several years ago and could even finish each other's sentences then.  More about my dear friend later...

After much consideration, I finally decided to write about what seems at the present moment to be a "safe" topic:  TV.  After a long day of testing and after school activities, I sat down for a few moments to enjoy a few laughs while watching The Big Bang Theory.  This show has quite simply become a favorite of mine.  (And my students, from what I understand.) The writers are smart and the actors deliver lines infallibly.  While in the context of a sitcom, Sheldon's autistic tendencies are very authentic and portray for us a rigged and ordered world.  As he endeavors to learn social cues, I learn along with him not to take myself too seriously.  Maybe I can learn from chaos on occasion.  Isn't there a Chaos Theory?  Oh, wait that was in a movie, too.  Jurassic Park, if I remember correctly.  There is something to be said about being able to, "Go with the flow."  I'll consider that more carefully again tomorrow.

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  1. I like where you talk about Sheldon's endeavors to learn social cues and how you connected that with your own "learning to deal with chaos" in life. I know you like order and calmness...and life hasn't given you that for the past decade. Hang in there! Love you!